in 2016, i attended kode with klossy, a summer program and organization dedicated to teaching girls aged 13-18 how to code. i guess you could say the rest is history, but i'm going to use this space to truly detail said history.



i've made a number of technical projects—some borne of passion, some borne of curiosity.

Change Is Brewing
This site, coded along with Sean Black, directs users to download a python script that autofills phony job applications at the Poplar & Highland Starbucks location in Memphis in response to their terminating of 7 union organizers.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Python
Black History Fund
Black History Fund is an initiative that challenged users to donate to black-owned, black-serving organizations and mutual aid funds for 30 days. The site generates a .ics file based on the amount they pledge to donate, and creates daily reminders to donate—linking directly to a different organization each day.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Figma
People, Not Mascots
This is a Native-led initiative to remove all Native mascots from U.S. high schools. Made in collaboration with Lily Joy Winder, the site informs users or native mascots within their states, offers local petitions to be signed, and autogenerates emails to state representatives imploring them to bring forth legislation that outlaws tese discriminatory mascots.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Figma
This highly publicized site (used over 100,000 times) flooded Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin's CRT tipline with phony reports, mostly consisting of song lyrics.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap
Build Back Juntos
Created in collaboration with fellow organizers, this initiative aimed to reinclude a pathway to citizenship in the Build Back Better Act. To do so, the site streamlined digital civic engagement by autogenerating messages to be sent to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap
Blow it up, TX
In response to Texas' Senate Bill 8 and the subsequent whistleblower attempts to report folks for seeking abortion, this site was created to spam the now-defunct "Pro-Life" whistleblower movement's tipline.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap
Black Girl Magic
Black Girl Magic is a Swift Playground aimed to introduce folks to the many wonders of Black Girlhood and Womanhood. While oftentimes our existence is weaponized or fit into microscopic boxes, we still break free of our symbolic chains and create meaningful change.
Swift, Adobe Illustrator
Extra, Extra!
Created in advance of Kode With Klossy's 2021 Summer Application Season, this site was created to publicize the program. Users simply upload a photo, choose the border of their choice, and download to post the creation on their social media channels.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Adobe Illustrator
Demand Accountability
After watching Jan. 6th unfold, I was incredibly angry, scared, and empowered to demand change from elected officials. This site was created to document all federal representatives that voted to overturn the results of the election and, in turn, call for their resignation or call for legislative action from the remaining leaders.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap
Boss' Day
I've had the most remarkable bosses at Kode With Klossy. To show my appreciation on Boss' Day, I created this little website to show my appreciation with them in the media I know best: through code and memes.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery
Bye Bye Bob!
In response to a member of local city council proclaiming himself a "Proud Racist", local organizers and I began a movement to unseat him. This site allows user to demand he be unseated by his fellow members of Santa Clarita City Council with automated messages to be sent over email and through City Council Meeting Public Comments.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Canva
The Avalanche
Initially launched as a web application in response to the movement for racial justice in the summer of 2020, this site streamlines digital civic engagement by allowing users to send automated emails to people in power in hopes of sparking change on an institutional level. (currently being developed as an iOS application).
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Swift
KWK Miles
Made in collaboration with fellow Kode With Klossy scholar Dominique Demetz, this site helped the Kode With Klossy Team calculate how many miles camp instructors and instructor assistants travelled during the summer of 2018.
HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Adobe Illustrator

Awards: Bloomberg - Best Philanthropic Hack, Best Political Polarization Hack

Inspired by the film Just Mercy and the work of Bryan Stevenson, Aurora was an award-winning hackathon project created to connect wrongfully / formerly incarcerated individuals and their families to relevant resources.
Swift, CocoaPods, Google Civic Information API, Firebase
Made as a final project for Kode With Klossy's iOS Development program in 2018, this mobile application was created to connect undocumented immigrants to relevant resources and serve as a roadmap during their pathway to citizenship.
Swift, Firebase, CocoaPods
Solar VR
This is always the first of my projects that I show students to pique their interest in coding. Created in 2017 during a Kode With Klossy Camp, this site is home to a mathematically sound VR solar system in which the planets revolve around you.
HTML, A-Frame

Awards: Paradigm Challenge Grand Prize, CES Young Innovators to Watch, WWDC Swift Student Challenge, NCWIT Collegiate Award, Ashoka x GM Changemaker, UNiDAYS Student Woman of the Year

Perhaps the technical project closest to my heart, ReDawn was created in response to sexual violence a friend of mine experienced. To this day, I'm still a bit unsure of how I channeled my fear into anger, and that anger into action. I was luckily able to take a harrowing moment and develop something that, hopefully, would help the billions (yes, billions) of others who may need assistance during such a trying time.
Swift, Javascript, Ruby, Firebase, CocoaPods


along the way, i have become incredibly vocal about inclusivity and representation in tech through teaching, community building, and speaking. here's some of that in action: